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  • Трек: "Война и мир" l Том 1 l Толстой Л.Н.
  • Исполнитель (артист): Краткие аудиокниги
  • Длительность 31:05
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Текст песни "Краткие аудиокниги - "Война и мир" l Том 1 l Толстой Л.Н. "

    Wait! Before I wreck this beat, let me just check to see
    If Stephanie Mills left any extra refills of ecstacy pills next to me
    In the seats spilled, or did she eat ’em all with a breakfast drink(You don’t expect me to sing!)
    In the habit of grabbin’ a mic and babblin’, I dabble in lights
    But I might just swallow my fuckin’ Ritalin tablet after the night
    I’m grabbin’ it right from the medicine cabinet cause that’s what it’s like
    And attack it like a dragon and bite
    Jetpack in my backpack when I write
    Just stick a pin-up inside a Finnegan’s diner with a cigarette lighter
    Thinkin’ of tryna set a [?] in the fire that’ll trigger the sprinkler system
    And I’d escape but the getaway driver screwed up my limo
    Collided with the cement divider
    I went through the window and ended up bein’ pinned beside of [?]
    Friend of the guy’s wife, friend of the flight attendant from Idaho
    So I pick up a pen, I’m venomous and I’m as thick as skin
    Like an evil dentist hygienist, sinister
    You’ve been yelling demented, I invented this, I’m the Genesis, Eminem is a nemesis to a feminist
    Fuckin’ smart, I look degenerate
    I got Ellen DeGeneres tryna tell me these men are just full of jealousy
    Envious of female independence, head with a clitoris, hit or miss you
    Never consider this a bit of disappointment, I’ll never fail to deliver this
    Whatever the weather in this’ll be just like a certificate of authenticity
    That I’m thinkin’ about just tryna think of the quickest and sickest way for ’em to pick it
    I pick a day to be picked and [?]
    In the back of a [?] unforgettable
    Better believe these beats are edible
    I consider loose leaf a vegetable
    And I stalk my prey
    You think you got away but not today
    Murder you on a song and then I’ll just say
    I was with Dr. Dre and Robert Blake
    Eatin’ lobster, steak and coffee cake
    At a restaurant with Drake
    And Tech just got to make sure that our stories corroborate
    I’m a lot to take like Kanye walking up on the stage for Beyonce like it’s my job to say that you’re not a real artist, but it’s my obligation Honest Abe is on his way you will not escape
    Ammunition, replenish the Punisher with his gun at your hundred words
    And a clip on that which motherfuckers better run
    If you’re not lookin’ to get run over by the roadrunner
    No wonder don’t no one wanna go and jump in front of a fuckin’ runaway locomotive
    Or get thrown up under it just tryna fuck with the...

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